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Bar Staff Training (Working in Licensed Premises)


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Anyone who works in an establishment that sells or serves alcoholic beverages is required to take the Bar Staff Training course, often known as Working in Licensed Premises. It describes how to refuse to service someone and gives a step-by-step guidance to the process of age verification. Our Bar Staff Course has been recognised by the CPD, and it will assist you in working toward compliance with the law that is in effect.

Everyone who works in the sale or service of alcoholic beverages should take this course. This could also apply in any venue with a liquor licence, including nightclubs and outdoor festivals. Selling and serving alcohol legally is of the utmost importance.

Preventing criminal acts, as well as other forms of violence, disruption, and nuisance behaviour, is a major focus. There is also a detailed explanation of the identification verification process.

The purpose of the Bar Staff Training programme is to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring in your licenced establishment, to keep your employees safe, and to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge to effectively deal with any incidents that may occur as a result of alcohol or drug use.