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The Anti-Bribery Training programme that has been certified by the IIRSM is intended to be utilised by anybody who might be put in a position where they might be exposed to bribery or corruption. It helps to raise awareness of instances in which gifts and hospitality shouldn’t be presented or accepted, as well as teaches what bribery is and how it works. It has been granted CPD accreditation and offers quick certifications that may be printed out.

Raising awareness is the goal of this anti-bribery course. It describes the four offences that fall within The Bribery Act’s purview. The thin line between presents and bribery is also examined; when is it appropriate to provide hospitality or a gift? When may they be perceived as a bribe, too?

It also describes the warning signals that bribery may be occurring so that you know what to watch out for. It examines what you ought to do if you’ve been given, offered, or promised a gift or hospitality and fear it may be a bribe, or if you have suspicions that someone else is engaging in bribery.

The training programme employs superb visuals and animation to accompany its simple, easy-to-understand writing style. Throughout the training, examples in the form of scenario-style questions are utilised to gauge understanding.