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Banksman Essentials


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The Banksman Essentials Training course, which has been certified by IIRSM, seeks to lower the possibility of accidents while heavy vehicle manoeuvres are performed. The training helps your organisation move toward legal compliance by showing examples of the signals that banksmen (also known as traffic marshals) employ throughout the UK and Europe.

This training teaches the user how to safely guide big goods trucks, both rigid and articulated, using the HSE’s authorised code of signals. It is intended for anybody engaged in manoeuvring, loading, and unloading vehicles.

This online course offers two crucial things, but it does not substitute for the hands-on training you want or imply that your employer would view you as “competent.” First, it gives you crucial resources and knowledge if you are unfamiliar with bank operations; second, it serves as a refresher for anybody with prior expertise who wants a reminder of the fundamentals.