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Anti-Money Laundering


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The goal of the IIRSM-approved anti-money laundering training is to raise employee understanding of money laundering laws, rules, and obligations. Due diligence and the responsibility to report suspicious behaviour are two areas where our AML training places a special emphasis. This CPD-accredited anti-money laundering training will help you comprehend and demonstrate your commitment to The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Transfer of Funds Regulations.

Everyone who works in the financial services industry or anywhere that substantial quantities of money, property, or items are purchased, leased, sold, or exchanged should take this Anti-Money Laundering training course. This class is necessary for anybody in these fields who interacts with clients and consumers on a regular basis.

It discusses what money laundering is and how important it is for staff to be on the alert for anything that doesn’t look or feel right while dealing with client transactions. The purpose of this course is to promote awareness, thus it explains what money laundering is.

When you have finished the training, you will be able to discuss the ins and outs of money laundering as well as the effects that it has on various financial sectors. You will have an understanding of the numerous laws that are related to the commission of money laundering offences, and you will also learn about the various techniques of client verification, as well as how to recognise suspicious behaviour.