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Working at Height Training


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This Working at Height Training is crucial if you perform work at height or oversee those who do. Health and safety basics, employer and employee responsibilities, and recommendations for good safety practises are all covered. Both the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the International Occupational Safety and Health have given their stamp of approval to this training.

For more than a quarter of all deaths in the workplace in the United Kingdom, falls from height are the major cause. You may get an idea of how risky working at height can be by considering the 43,000 non-fatal unintentional injuries that occurred in the same year.

Falls from height are not only common but also deadly, although they may always be prevented. Falls from height may be nearly totally averted with some extra precaution, preparation, and attention to detail, and the impact of those that do occur can be greatly mitigated.

In order to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and how to stay safe while working at height, this training programme takes the requirements of the Working at Height Regulations 2005 and the best-practice suggestions from the accompanying HSE guidance document and creates a course that is simple and concise yet comprehensive.

The training is divided into three sections: the legal duties of employers and employees, the hazards of working at height and how to avoid them, and a detailed examination of the equipment that may be employed, together with its benefits and risks.