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Working in Confined Spaces


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If your employment requires you to spend time in cramped, poorly ventilated spaces, then you need this Confined Space Training. This Limited Space Training will provide you the tools you need to recognise potential dangers, adhere strictly to safety procedures, and ensure your own and others’ safety while working in confined areas, whether you do so often or only occasionally. The training is both IOSH- and CPD-approved.

A space is considered to be confined if it is either completely enclosed or at least substantially enclosed, and if there is a possibility that a person could be injured as a result of the conditions that exist within that space, such as the presence of potentially harmful substances or a lack of oxygen.

You will learn what confined spaces are and what makes them dangerous, what legal obligations you and your employer have, how to conduct an accurate risk assessment, comprehend emergency procedures, and what you can do to make working in confined spaces safer for everyone during this confined space training course.

Workers in the construction business, installation/maintenance, manufacturing, facilities management, and anybody performing repair work or handling hazardous materials in poorly ventilated spaces should take this course in particular.

This course is not meant to replace the necessary practical training required before being allowed to perform work of this sort; rather, it is meant to be used as a tool to assist and increase awareness regarding safety when working in confined spaces.