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Fire Warden Training (Care)


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An in-depth training programme that can be taken online and covers all that’s required to get certified as a Fire Warden or Fire Marshal. Specifically crafted content with the working professionals in the care field in mind.

Everything you need to know to become a fully trained fire marshal is included in this course. This curriculum is developed to fit the needs of persons working in the care industry.

Your understanding of your legal obligations with regard to conducting risk assessments, organising fire evacuations, and controlling emergency operations will be aided by the Fire Warden Training in Care. It is appropriate for anybody looking to take on Fire Marshal duties in a hospital or care facility setting and will support keeping your workplace secure.

The importance of evacuation in a fire emergency and fire prevention in the care sector are both extremely crucial. In a care facility, there are frequently many individuals to evacuate, and occasionally many of them are immobile. Because of this, safety measures must be taken.

This training will be divided into five sections: an overview of the duties of a fire warden, preventive actions that may be taken, what to do during an evacuation, the various types of fire extinguishers, and a look at the applicable legislation.

This class also examines current regulations, efficient fire protection techniques, and fundamental fire extinguisher use.