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Medication Awareness Training for Schools & Education


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Educators and other professionals in the field of education are the intended participants of the Medication Awareness Training for Schools course. It covers the basics of caring for a child with special medical needs, including the legal obligations that come with the job, as well as the logistics of medication administration, storage, and disposal, as well as effective dosing management in accordance with various health and safety regulations. It’s a great complement to hands-on instruction and might be taken entirely online.

Adults currently employed in the field of education are the intended participants for this training session. It offers a general summary of how to care for a child as well as the medical requirements of children. In addition to this, there is the obligation under the law that each adult has for the care of a kid. A workforce that is well taught will lower the likelihood of anybody getting hurt, including students and other employees.

We guarantee that participants receive the most beneficial training possible by adhering to the requirements established by the Department of Education and Skills as well as the Department of Health. This class will offer a solid understanding of how medications are used and will touch on specialised therapies for various conditions that affect children.

However, in order to give medication to children in schools, you are required to have formal training from an NHS practitioner; this course is not a replacement for that training and should not be considered as such. It is a great way to get started administering medication in schools or a useful refresher.