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Hand/Arm Vibration Awareness v2


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While repeated vibration may not seem harmful at first, it can have serious, long-term consequences. The good news is that they can be avoided. The training participants will learn about the hazards of hand-arm vibration, who is at risk, how to spot the signs of damage, and preventative measures that may be taken. In addition to being certified by the IOSH, this course also has CPD certification.

The core Health & Safety course is intended for employees in the manufacturing and construction sectors, as well as, more broadly, for anybody who works with large machinery that might subject them to frequent vibrations.

To ensure your safety at work, both you and your employer have a duty. Your company is in charge of monitoring and regulating the amount of vibrations you are exposed to, as well as ensuring that you have received the necessary training, information, and safety equipment. You have a responsibility to abide by their safety recommendations and to use and wear any provided safety gear appropriately. With our Hand/Arm Vibration Awareness Training, you can avoid HAVS and understand your obligations as an employer or employee.