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Medication Awareness Training for Carers & Nurses


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Care professionals who look after patients in residential care settings are the primary audience for the Medication Awareness Training course that is offered to carers. It gives an overview of how to manage the medical requirements of residents, including the legal duties that are involved, as well as how to efficiently monitor dosages, distribute, store, and dispose of medicine, and manage pharmaceutical inventory.

Workers in both nursing and non-nursing healthcare settings can benefit greatly from our online Medication Awareness Training for Care. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to properly administer and manage medicines in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Managers of residential care facilities are responsible for providing adequate training for their employees; it is up to each facility to determine what constitutes “adequate training.” This training session on Administering Medication in Care Homes is meant to serve as a refresher – or a reminder of the basics – before more in-depth, hands-on training is undertaken.

Students enrolled in the online class will study the value of Medicines Administration Record [MAR] sheets and get familiarity with the requirements of a patient prior to the administration of medication. Likewise, being aware of potential adverse reactions to the prescribed drugs.

By adhering to DoH regulations, we can guarantee top-notch education for all participants.

Medication Awareness Training for Care focuses on meeting the requirements of patients, as well as the proper administration, storage, preparation, and documentation of drugs.