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Health & Safety for Managers & Supervisors


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When it comes to health and safety, managers and supervisors should refer to the Health and Safety Training for Managers and Supervisors, which is a straightforward guide for those in authority. It facilitates the required actions and provides relevant information on the applicable laws and regulations. This training has been sanctioned by the IIRSM.

This Health & Safety training manual is intended for the use of company owners, managers, and supervisors who are charged with ensuring the well-being of their employees.

This course is designed to offer health and safety managers with a clear and brief overview of the many rules and regulations that pertain to health and safety in the workplace.

As a core programme, it is useful for those who are new to health and safety but want to know their responsibilities, and it serves as a great checklist for all health and safety managers.

This is only an awareness-raising e-learning course. In addition, you’ll need in-person instruction to acquire the full set of skills and knowledge necessary to implement this strategy in your organisation.