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First Aid Requirements & RIDDOR


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The First Aid Requirements and RIDDOR Training Course is intended to assist you in gaining an understanding of the first aid personnel requirements that are necessary for your company. In addition to this, it explains the various incidents and injuries that must be reported, as well as the process that must be followed. Training that is recognised by the CPD that will assist you in being compliant with legislation.

The purpose of this First Aid Requirements and RIDDOR training is to provide managers and employers with information that will assist them in determining the first aid people that will be necessary for their organisation. Additionally, it describes what must be reported to RIDDOR, who should submit it, and how it should be reported.

The First Aid Appointed Person Training should be utilised in combination with this training programme. This title is intended primarily for workplaces with a manageable number of employees and little dangers.

Only awareness education is provided in this eLearning course. To fully finish all-around abilities and knowledge and be able to use this realistically in your organisation, more face-to-face training would be required.