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CDM Regulations


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Everything you require to design, oversee, and maintain everyone’s safety during a construction project is covered in the CDM Regulations Training. This training will aid in directing you towards compliance with current laws and has received IOSH and CPD accreditation. This quick training will help you comprehend the CDM Regulations and teach you how to efficiently plan your projects.

One of the riskiest professions to work in is undoubtedly construction. Consider the fact that 31% of all workplace deaths occur in the construction industry, which employs just approximately 5% of the overall workforce in the UK. In addition, each year there are 81,000 cases of work-related illness and 64,000 non-fatal injuries that need medical attention, costing £1 billion in lost productivity.

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations were initially created for this reason. Construction projects frequently involve the use of hazardous tools, materials, vehicles, and locations; they frequently require working at heights, close to or over significant drops or wide-open water; or on incomplete structures that may topple or collapse. When you combine these factors with the tendency for worksites to be crowded with numerous people, each working on a different task, accidents are easily preventable.

The CDM Regulations assist in bringing construction project pandemonium under control from beginning to end and beyond. In order to guarantee that Health & Safety protocols are properly handled by the correct individuals, and that they are communicated to and followed by everyone, key responsibility holders are given tasks and duties throughout a building project.

Three straightforward sections—the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved; what must be planned for at each stage of a construction project; and what must be taken into account in order to maintain a construction site’s safety—are used to break down the regulations in this CDM Training course.