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Manual Handling (inc Tyres) Training


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You will learn all you need to know about moving and handling safety from our online manual handling training, which also teaches you how to move and handle TYRES. Utilize this CPD-accredited course to take steps toward conformity with current laws.

Your employer has a legal obligation that you are proficient in safe manual handling, and this course will teach you all you need to know about moving and lifting tyres.

In essence, manual handling refers to the activity of moving, lifting, and carrying potentially heavy things. This manual handling course explains the significance of safe manual handling in the workplace. It looks at safe movement and lifting skills, including LITE, as well as the structure of your back to help you understand why it’s so crucial to follow proper practises while lifting goods that are heavy or have odd shapes.

Poor manual handling procedures result in an annual loss of 909,000 working days, according to estimates. Approximately 24% of injuries reported to RIDDOR are also the result of poor manual handling. With our online course, you can ensure best practises and comprehend duties for both employers and employees. It only takes 40 minutes to finish.

This programme is an expanded version of our most popular manual handling training course, and it is especially appropriate for anyone who work with tyres, such as technicians, tyre producers, or fleet managers.