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Bullying & Harassment for Managers


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The leaders and managers in your organisation should attend the training course that has been approved by the IIRSM to address bullying and harassment in the workplace. It will help management develop a good culture by giving practical direction for avoiding, addressing, and combating bullying and harassment in the workplace. This will be of assistance to management.

It is essential to have a healthy culture at the workplace in order to recruit and keep individuals who are talented, courteous, and willing to put in hard effort.

And it all begins with YOU, the leaders and management of the organisation. There is no place in the workplace for bullying or harassment of any kind, and these behaviours should never be tolerated under any circumstances.

This training course on bullying and harassment has been created just for you to learn how to be the most effective manager of your team. We walk you through every step, from recognising problematic behaviour in the workplace to avoiding it, managing it, and putting an end to it. This training will address informal techniques, formal rules and processes, legal issues, and the potentially detrimental effect that bullying and harassment can have on your firm.

It also discusses the thin line that separates effective management from bullying, as well as the ways in which management might avoid crossing that line.