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Diabetes Training for Schools & Carers


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Anyone who provides care for diabetic children is welcome to participate in the Diabetes Training Course. It is an excellent resource for those who work in schools, as well as for parents, guardians, people who work with kids, and people who watch children. It describes how to monitor, treat, and care for diabetic children in every part of their school life. It has received approval from both the IIRSM and the CPD.

Our Diabetes Training for Schools and Caregivers was developed specifically with the individuals who look after diabetic children in mind. It describes the symptoms of diabetes as well as the steps that must be taken to ensure that a diabetic kid may attend school without fear for his or her wellbeing, health, or safety.

It discusses how to administer medicine, how to keep a child’s glucose levels under control, what to do in an emergency situation, and how to offer both emotional and practical assistance to a child on a daily basis.