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Allergies / Anaphylaxis Training for Schools & Carers


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The Anaphylaxis and Allergy Training Course that is offered is intended for anybody who is responsible for the care of children. Training for anaphylaxis that may be completed online is highly recommended for people who work in educational settings, as well as for parents, guardians, youth workers, and child care professionals. It provides actionable advice on the treatment of allergies and discusses how to provide all-encompassing assistance to children who suffer from allergies. Additionally, it has been granted IIRSM approval and CPD accreditation.

People who care for children who have allergies will benefit from taking the Anaphylaxis and Allergy Training Course that has been created specifically for them. It discusses what to look out for in allergic responses, how to monitor and treat children who suffer from allergies, and how allergies might be induced in the first place.

It includes both the practical and emotional care that a child may require on a daily basis, as well as allergies, preventative measures, what to do in emergencies and cases of anaphylaxis, and what to do in both of those situations.