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School Trips Training for Organisers & Support


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The School Trips Training Course, which has been authorised by the IIRSM, is designed for the person who is in charge of organising a school trip as well as anybody else who helps out with the trip. These individuals are sometimes referred to as Educational Visits Coordinators. It takes a pragmatic look at some of the elements that must be addressed when planning and conducting school excursions, both in the UK and overseas, and provides some examples of how these things might be accomplished.

When it comes to the organisation and execution of school excursions, whether they take place in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. In our School Trips Training for Organisers and Support programme, we examine some of these factors.

The School Trips for Organisers and Support Personnel programme is designed for the person who organises the trip as well as anybody else who helps out on a trip. This includes both school staff and non-school staff who work as volunteers and assistants throughout the trip.

When it comes to organising a field trip for the class, it could appear that there are a lot of things to consider, but this programme has been designed to serve as a guide to the process. It will explain how to actually manage the risks that are involved with leaving the classroom and will provide support for any policies and guidelines that are currently in place in a school.

There are two different programmes available for school excursions. The next one is this one. The first programme is known as the Management School Travel Program (the people in a school who are responsible for school trips.) We strongly suggest that the person in charge of trip planning participate in both of these classes.