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PUWER Training


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When it comes to ensuring your own safety while using various pieces of work equipment, the PUWER Training course will walk you through all you need to know. The workshop will offer sound advice for ensuring that participants are in accordance with the applicable laws. This training is both IOSH Approved and CPD Accredited, so you can be certain that it is of a high enough standard. It is designed for anybody who works in the construction or manufacturing industries.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations is what the acronym PUWER stands for. It offers necessary instructions to show how one may maintain their safety when utilising equipment at their place of employment. The laws impose obligations on individuals and businesses that own, operate, or have any kind of control over work-related apparatuses and tools. In addition, PUWER imposes duties on companies and organisations whose workers make use of certain pieces of work equipment.

You will learn whether equipment is acceptable for use, safe to use, examined properly, and accompanied by relevant health and safety precautions with our CPD Accredited Online PUWER Training. This class is ideal for working towards compliance with the law that is currently in effect.