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General Workshop Safety Training


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Everyone who works in a workshop is encouraged to participate in the General Workshop Safety Training programme. It places an emphasis on general safety awareness as well as safe working practises and safe operational procedures. Through the completion of our IOSH-approved course, you will be able to print out certificates attesting to your compliance with the relevant laws.

Anyone who works in a workshop should participate in this programme.

It involves working properly, investigating the causes of accidents and figuring out how to stop them.

In order to make sure that your personnel adheres to best practises and stays safe in the workplace, general workshop safety training is essential. This curriculum focuses on general safety knowledge, safe working practises, and safe operating procedures. No two workshops are the same, each with various risks and technology.

We take into account particular risks that might be present in a workshop, such as hazardous materials and dangerous equipment, in our General Workshop Safety Training programme. These are optional since not all dangers are relevant to everyone; the information is given to serve as a reference to any potential additional training that may be required. It describes who has to be aware of each type of hazard as well as the risks associated with each category.