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Fire Awareness Training


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Fire awareness training is a legal requirement for all employees, regardless of the environment in which the business operates. Become familiar with the fundamentals, maintain the safety of your workplace, and make progress toward meeting the requirements of the most recent laws with the help of this popular online training course. Approved by both IOSH and RoSPA.

Legally, all employees must complete some sort of fire awareness training.

Our online eLearning programme offers an accessible record of employee training and is an efficient and hassle-free approach to make sure you comply with current regulations. Any organisation in any industrial area may use it, and it offers a fun approach for your personnel to finish their fire safety training.

Maintain workplace safety by becoming knowledgeable about the dangers that fires pose to health and safety. You’ll learn about the characteristics of fire, what it need to start a fire, and how quickly a fire may spread across a building. Additionally, this session will provide you an overview of evacuation protocols, an opportunity to engage in interactive fire extinguisher training, and an introduction to fire signs. Additionally, you’ll discover how to respond in an emergency and discover which protocols your workplace need to already follow.

One of our most popular courses and essential for every workplace, the iHASCO Fire Awareness training is already used by hundreds of businesses in the UK and Europe.

Every organisation should have at least one “responsible person,” and this fire awareness course may be utilised in combination with our fire warden training. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of Fire Safety training courses.