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Consumer Rights Training for Retailers (Services)


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Retailers that want to comply with the law while dealing with customers should take the Consumer Rights for Retailers course. It details the obligations you have to your clients and the rights your clients have in relation to the services you provide. Certificates of Completion are available for Download and it has been approved for CPD.

Those whose careers include interacting with clients would benefit greatly from taking this training. The rights of the customer are discussed from the retailer’s vantage point.

Anyone who offers goods or services to the public should be familiar with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, as well as the recourse available to consumers in the event of a breach of these terms.

Companies should expect heavy fines if they violate customers’ rights. A loss of profits is possible if you have to reimburse a consumer or pay a fine imposed by an Ombudsman or regulator. If your consumers have had a bad experience, they may take their business elsewhere. Poor customer service costs UK firms around £200 billion annually.