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Competition Law Training (Audio)


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Competition Law Training that is based on audio and is accredited by the CPD allows users to both listen to the training and read along with the complete transcript. Employees will receive an introduction to Competition Law in this course, which will help them gain a better understanding of the significance of competition in business, what it entails, and how it is to everyone’s advantage.

The Competition Law Training is an excellent method for providing employees with the knowledge they require to ensure that they comprehend the significance of competition in the business environment and the ways in which we can all profit from it. They will also get an understanding of the significance of Competition Law to the upkeep of fairness, as well as gain knowledge regarding what is and is not deemed fair in the context of competition between companies.

Users are able to study in a manner that is most beneficial to them through the usage of this audio-based course. Users are able to listen to the training as well as read along with the entire transcript, which is very helpful for users who complete their training on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. They are able to listen on their commute to work, while working at their desk with headphones on, while doing the dishes, while walking the dog, or while unwinding on the couch; the training is designed to fit in with their lifestyle.