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Accident Reporting Training


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This programme is an essential guide that explains what kinds of accidents should be reported and why they should be reported. Good accident reporting can assist to promote safety on the job. For your peace of mind, it has been validated by IIRSM and recognised by CPD, despite the fact that it was built with universal usability in mind. Utilize our IIRSM-Approved Accident Reporting Training to go closer toward meeting the requirements of RIDDOR 2013.

Everyone can utilise the Accident Reporting Training curriculum. It discusses what accident reporting is, why it’s crucial, and what information may be contained in one.

It makes sure that if there is an accident or event at work, everyone in your business understands how to write a clear and succinct accident report.

It describes how effective accident reporting may raise workplace safety and offers a printable Accident Report Form that can be used at your place of business for reporting accidents and occurrences.

The course, which still covers the fundamentals of accident reporting, is divided into three main sections for your convenience and takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.