Multiple safety failings lead to construction company being fined

multiple safety failings by Stockport house builders Sherwood homes

Stockport construction company fined for multiple safety failings

A house building company from Stockport have been fined for committing multiple safety failings on two of their construction sites.

Sherwood Homes Limited were building residential homes at sites in Preston and Tarporley.

The HSE carried out inspections at both sites and discovered workers were exposed to various risks such as falling from height, inhaling silica dust, injury from construction plant and electrocution.

They found the company failed to make manage health and safety on the building sites.

For example, no F10 notice of construction work was displayed and the welfare facilities were found to be insufficient at the site in Tarporley.

Sherwood Homes also failed to inform the HSE in writing before construction began on the Preston site.

As a result of the HSE investigation, the principal contractors working on the sites and Sherwood Homes Limited themselves were issued with enforcement action by the HSE.

Upon further investigation, the HSE found that since early 2014, they had conducted a total of nine inspections to four different sites being developed by Sherwood Homes Ltd.

16 enforcement notices and nine notifications of contraventions were served at these inspections due to various health and safety breaches.


Multiple safety failings by Stockport construction company leads to fine from HSE

House builder found guilty of breaching regulations

Following the HSE’s investigation, Sherwood Homes Ltd of Stockport were found guilty of breaching Regulation 6 (2), Regulation 6(3) and two breaches of Regulation 4 of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

They were fined £76,000 and ordered to pay additional costs totaling £14,651.64.

Susan Ritchie, HSE inspector , said of the case, “Clients cannot delegate their health and safety responsibilities. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 places clear duties on clients making them accountable for the impact their decisions and approach have on the health, safety and welfare of their project.”

“In general terms, the client must ensure that the construction project is set up so that it is carried out from start to finish in a way that adequately controls the risk to health and safety of those who may be affected by it. In order to achieve this they must engage others (such as designers and principal contractors) that have the necessary skills, knowledge, training and organisational capabilities to fulfil their responsibilities under CDM and deliver the project safely on behalf of the client.   If the client fails to do this, HSE will consider taking enforcement action against them.”

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