Safety Signs

We provide a whole range of site safety signs for use in and around the workplace.  This includes danger signswarning signs, fire exit signs, no smoking signs, posters, caution signs, fire extinguisher signs, first aid signs and fire safety signs.  All our safety signage complies with current government regulations.  As an employer, it is a mandatory requirement that safety signage is in place where there is significant risk to health and safety.  It is also your duty to maintain any safety signage.  A full risk assessment should be carried out to assess when and where to use safety signage if deemed to be necessary.  However, just providing signs is not a substitute for controlling risks in the workplace. Safety signage should purely be used to warn employees of any remaining significant risks. Need help? Call us on 0330 0885 675 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Safety Posters


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