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Understand Your Role Training in Care


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Standard 1 of the Care Certificate is the emphasis of this Understanding Your Role in Care Training. This online training course is designed to get you more familiar with the functions, behaviours, and quality requirements of your position. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation has been awarded to this course.

The purpose of our Understanding Your Role Training course is to promote awareness about the boundaries between what employees are and are not expected to do on the job. 
While job descriptions are useful for getting broad sense of your responsibilities, they rarely provide comprehensive list of all you can be asked to do.
You may be expected to provide care and support, operate as part of team, contribute to activities, and maintain confidentiality as part of your employment. 
Knowing the company’s core beliefs and long-term goals might help you perform better in your role.
This course gives students the information they need to put their learning into practise in the workplace, allowing them to complete the “practical” portion of their training and receive the Care Certificate from their management after they satisfy the necessary requirements. Although these programmes offer some instruction, practical experience is still necessary to get a care certificate.