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Unconscious Bias Training for Employees


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To recognise, confront, and lessen unconscious prejudice in the workplace, the unconscious bias training was developed. This online course is approved by the IIRSM and CPD, and it may be used in any industry. Employees who have taken our unconscious bias training will be able to identify the most prevalent prejudices and the detrimental effects that unconscious bias may have on a company. Less biassed workplaces typically foster more equitable, varied, and open environments.

Unconscious bias cases occur often in UK companies, and they can substantially harm employee morale and productivity. Although we are not aware of our unconscious biases, they are nonetheless there in our thinking and have an impact on how we think and act.

Conformity bias, which occurs when we act in ways that are similar to others in a group, despite the fact that this goes against what we genuinely think, is an illustration of a typical unconscious prejudice.

The purpose of this training on unconscious bias is to help you recognise your personal prejudices as well as any others that might already be present at work. It examines issues including how they impact interpersonal interactions at work, decision-making, and workplace culture.

This training complements our course on unconscious bias in management. Additionally, it is the ideal ally for both bullying and harassment training for employees and equality, diversity, and inclusion training.