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Social Media Awareness Training


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The Social Media Awareness Training course increases understanding of the dangers associated with utilising social media and how using these sites improperly can have serious repercussions. It discusses social media privacy settings and social media channel policies. Various levels of employees from all business sectors can take this course, which offers a printed certificate upon completion.

Social media has altered how people communicate with one another on a personal and professional level. In actuality, the typical internet user uses social media for 145 minutes per day!

Having said that, there are a number of hazards related to using social media that businesses and their workers should be aware of and understand how to manage.

This quick online course on social media etiquette looks at appropriate and inappropriate times to use social media at work. It also discusses the value of adhering to an organization’s social media usage rules and procedures and the serious risks of disclosing private or secret information in public.

This social media awareness training is open to anybody who could use social media at work, regardless of whether they work in marketing or advertising.