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Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training


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Employees of any status or position can benefit from Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training. This course will teach you more about the rights of people with disabilities, the effects of both visible and invisible impairments on the workplace, and the steps you can take to ensure that people with disabilities are treated fairly and given the same chances as everyone else. This training was developed with the help of EDI specialists from across the world and involves people who actually have impairments.

This course does more than just raise awareness of impairments; it also explores ways to be more inclusive of people with disabilities by helping participants better appreciate the challenges that individuals with disabilities may experience in their daily lives.

This training can improve morale in the workplace and make people with disabilities feel more accepted by coworkers who may have little understanding of the challenges they face on the job.

Our training gives the user an intuitive grasp of sensory impairments, physical disabilities, mental health disorders, learning difficulties, and chronic health issues, despite the fact that it would be impossible to address every single disability.