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Mental Health, Dementia & Disabilities Training in Care


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The Mental Health, Dementia, and Learning Disabilities in Care Course is designed to complement the requirements of the Care Certificate’s Standard 9 by educating carers about mental health issues, learning disabilities, and dementia in the context of providing care.

Even if your profession doesn’t require you to interact with people with learning impairments, dementia, or mental illness, it’s still vital to be aware of these issues because they’re addressed in Standard 9 of the Care Certificate.

The purpose of Standard 9 of the Care Certificate is to familiarise care professionals with the difficulties faced by people with mental illness, dementia, and learning impairments, even if they do not directly interact with those who suffer from these disorders.

Students will leave this course with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to begin their training in the workplace, where they will complete the “practical” portion of their education and be awarded the Care Certificate by their superiors after they have attained competency. These classes are helpful, but further training in the field is necessary to earn a care certificate.

More than half of the population reports having a mental health issue at some point in their lives. Depression, anxiety, and psychosis are all examples. Additionally, dementia and learning impairments are on the rise in care settings, necessitating training for Care Workers to recognise the signs and symptoms of these conditions and provide appropriate, compassionate care to those affected.