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FGM Awareness & Prevention Training


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The Female Genital Mutilation Awareness and Prevention Training Course will teach you about FGM, how to recognise the warning signs of probable FGM, and how to take action if you believe a child is about to have the surgery. This CPD-accredited FGM course can be used in combination with our course on safeguarding young people.

In the UK, FGM is illegal and seen as child abuse. To guarantee that it is done before puberty, it is frequently performed on young girls between the ages of four and eight. FGM aims to suppress women’s sexual desires.

Female genital mutilation is known as FGM. Women undergo this procedure to have their genitalia removed, changed, or otherwise harmed. This procedure is typically carried out for cultural or non-therapeutic reasons rather than for medical reasons. Other names for it include “cutting,” “female circumcision,” and others.

The course covers four distinct forms of FGM, which are discussed. People without medical training frequently carry out these procedures (but may have conducted FGM many times before). But outside of the UK, this may be done differently by skilled specialists. The seldom use of anaesthetics and antiseptics, which can lead to excruciating pain and even infection, is another issue frequently connected to FGM.

However, the age of the girls undergoing FGM makes it likely that they will not genuinely consent to it and will instead be coerced into it, which is undoubtedly the largest issue with the practise. Additionally, this operation has no health advantages but might be problematic for the receiver.

This course aims to provide you the tools you need to know what to look for and what you can do to stop FGM if you fear a youngster may be exposed to it.