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Duty of Care Awareness Training


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Awareness of One’s Duty of Care training is accredited by the CPD and focuses on meeting the requirements of Standard 3 of the Care Certificate. This ensures that employees are aware of the level of duty of care that they owe to individuals receiving care and assistance while they are on the job.

Our Duty of Care Awareness Training discusses the necessity of nurturing people’s well-being and ensuring that those under one’s care are protected from the risk of being harmed, abused, or injured.

For all care workers, fulfilling their legal obligation to provide adequate care is an integral part of their employment responsibility. As soon as a person receives treatment or care, it becomes applicable since it is a provision of the code of conduct for professionals in adult social care and healthcare support roles in England. Employees are also responsible for the safety of their coworkers.

This course is designed to complement our other 14 awareness courses, which together make up the Care Certificate.

It is essential that you act in accordance with the law at all times and be aware of the myriad of ways in which the law influences both you personally and the method in which you do business.

The Care Certificate has a total of 15 criteria, one of which is titled “Duty of Care Training.” The Care Certificate is an agreed-upon set of criteria that outlines what is expected of workers in the health and social care industries in their respective job areas. It is a component of an induction programme that you need to go through if you are considered “new to care.” Our courses are utilised as an instructional tool in order to assist create a comprehension as well as an awareness of each requirement.

The Care Certificate was created by Skills for Care, in collaboration with Skills for Health and Health Education England.

A duty of care is a legal requirement that is imposed on an individual under tort law. This obligation requires the individual to conform to a level of reasonable care when conducting any activities that might foreseeably hurt others. In order to move on with a claim for negligence, you must first establish this part of the case.