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Handling Information Training in Care


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Standard 14 of the Care Certificate is the main emphasis of the Handling Information in Care Training. The value of confidentiality for patients is emphasised in this online training session. A patient’s confidence can be damaged if confidentiality is breached, but more crucially, it makes them vulnerable to fraud and online crime. The CPD has accredited this course.

Standard 14 of the Care Certificate is the primary focus of our training on information handling in the care setting. Care recipient confidentiality requires that their information be disclosed only when absolutely required. Without a person’s express consent, personal information should not be shared with anybody, even close friends and relatives.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact on people’s right to privacy will be discussed in this course. Care information management, care plan development, and reporting issues are also discussed.

Standard 14 of the Care Certificate’s 15 criteria addresses the proper management of personal information. The Care Certificate is a consensus-based set of requirements for workers in the health and social care industry. It outlines what professionals in these fields might expect from their employees. If you are “new to care,” this is part of the training you should get.