TenActiv Cut-Resistant Composite Knit Glove with Composite Filament Fibre and Black Foam Nitrile Palms 1660 grams of cut protection FEATURES , High-strength fibre is incorporated in a way that it cannot come through to the hand for total comfort and extended glove life , TenActiv gloves feature lint-free, continous filament yarn that is stonger than steel on an equal-weight basis , Nitrile-coating is foamed to increase your grip in oil by displacing oil on surfaces. Nitrile withstands oils and solvents, making these styles ideal for workers handling sharp glass or oily sheet metal. , Available in ladies size 6. , Conforms to EN388 4544 , 4 – Abrasion , 5 – Cut Resistance , 4 – Tear Resistance , 4 – Puncture Resistance APPLICATIONS Handling Sharp Objects Glass Plants Construction Automotive Industry Areospace Industry Metal Frabrication Metal Stamping