A range of paper towels specifically for use within the workplace, schools, gyms, restaurants and public toilets.  Part of our range of janitorial supplies.  Our selection of paper hand towels include 1 ply hand towels and 2 ply paper towels.  Available in white, blue or green.  Our paper hand towels are soft and absorbent.  They are great for both drying hands and general cleaning.  Our paper hand towels can be used in a dispenser.  Choose from traditional perforated towels, ‘C’ fold towels or centrefeed towels that are on a roll specifically for use in paper hand towel dispensers.  Most of our paper towels are CHSA certified.  Sold in multi packs for your convenience.  Our hand towels are essential hygiene supplies that every business or public premises will require.  Need any help with your order?  Then give us a call on 0330 0885 675 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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