Asbestos Tape

We have a selection of asbestos tape available in stock to be used when working in any areas containing hazardous asbestos.  Perfect for asbestos removal companies, asbestos Surveyors, Builders and home owners.  As part of our range of asbestos supplies, we stock aluminium tape, warning tape, silver duct tape, black duct tape, black and yellow hazard warning tape and red and white hazard warning tape.  Use our asbestos tape if you are carrying out repairs, encapsulating or removing asbestos from a residential, commercial or public property.  We do advise though that this type of work should ideally be carried out by an experienced professional.  This is due to the health risks associated with asbestos.  If in any doubt, please ensure you consult an asbestos professional.  You can also contact your local council for general advice about asbestos.  If you need help with your order call 0330 0885 675